The Rivers

Rio Pejibaye (Beginner)

Rio Pejibaye is a beautiful Class II/ III river about an hour southwest of Turrialba. It offers everything from easy Class I flatwater in the lower section, to continuous Class III creeking in the upper section. This gives a range range of options to allow us to run the right section for each paddler’s skill level. The water is pristine and much of the river is under a beautiful shaded canopy of trees. The river great for work shopping many essential technics such as rolls, surfing, eddy catching, ferrying, and more.

Rio Orosi (Intermediate)

The Orosi River, also called Rio Grande de Orosi, is a river in Costa Rica near the Cordillera de Talamanca. The watershed contains one of the rainiest areas of Costa Rica, with annual rainfalls of up to 280 inches or 711.2 centimeters. It goes through the Tapantí National Park and drains into Lake Cachi (Lago de Cachi), the site of the Cachi Dam (Represa de Cachi).

Rio Pacuare (Advanced)

The Pacuare River, or the Río Pacuare, flows approximately 108 km to the Caribbean. It is a popular location for white water rafting, whitewater kayaking and riverboarding. The rainforests that surround the river are home to exotic animal species such as jaguars, monkeys, ocelots, and a very large number of birds. Also it was considered one of the 5 nicest rivers to practice rafting.